Human Resources Management challenges

Autore: Claudia Natullo

Anno: 2020

Numero: 86

ISBN: 978-88-31940-31-3

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Human resources management (HRM) is the managing of em-ployees to maximise their performance and align it to the strate-gic objectives of the organisation. It concerns several activities as employees’ resourcing, performance and rewards management (Collings, Wood and Szamosi, 2009).
HRM became known as a strategic asset in the early twentieth century, as, after the Industrial revolution, organisations looked for new ways to maximise production and efficiency and achieve an improved relationship between managers and employees. However, third sector’s organisations still struggle to implement HRM efficiently.
Charities, in particular, are increasingly challenged by the current environment of high competition, regulations and budget limita-tions. Therefore, a global comparative analysis has been carried on the main challenges they encounter when applying HRM principles, to raise public awareness and ground the basis for fur-ther studies.
The following chapter explores the rationale behind the research topic, providing the background on which it has been built, high-lighting the gaps in the literature on the subject and therefore jus-tifying the study’s choice and aims. Finally, an outline of the pa-per will be provided.